Believer Solutions: Who We Are And What We Do

We chose the name "Believer Solutions" for our business because in just two words, it says who we are and what we do. First and foremost, we are believers in God and Jesus Christ, and we are not ashamed to admit it! So we decided that we would not just declare our faith in our Mission Statement - we would make it the first word in our company's name! The second word in our name is solutions, which describes what we do: provide solutions to a wide range of Internet-related tasks, problems and challenges. So the name "Believer Solutions" is an accurate description of who we are and what we do.

Put Our Years Of Experience To Work For You

Just as you are an expert in your business, we are experts in "anything and everything Internet." We don't claim to be perfect, but we can't imagine that anyone, anywhere will try harder to achieve perfection. "Good Enough Isn't" and "Autograph Your Work With Excellence" are two of the best mottos and slogans we've ever heard, and we do our best to live up to those high standards. Our job is never done until the client is thrilled with our work.

Our Internet Solutions And Services Include:

  • • Website Design and Development - In addition to churches and Christian authors and artists, our nation-wide client base includes very small to medium sized businesses like retail stores, doctors, kitchen and bath remodelers, restaurants, real estate agents, contractors, service providers, insurance agencies, marketing companies, mortgage companies, musicians, songwriters and even non-profit organizations like veteran's groups, women's centers, educators, youth mentoring groups, environmental and genealogy groups.
  • • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - We know what the search engines are looking for in a website, and we know how to get their attention. The result is that our website clients are ranked very highly in the organic search results for their chosen search terms at Google, Bing and the other search engines. We make it easy for prospective customers to find our clients on the Internet. Read more about our SEO services on our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) page.
  • • Domain Name Consulting, Acquisition and Management - The "right" domain name is critically important for several reasons, including name recognition, memorability and search engine rankings. If the domain name you want to use is already owned, we can attempt to acquire it for you. Read some basics about selecting a domain name, including important "do and don't" advice, and more, on our Domain Names page.
  • • Email Marketing Via Newsletter and Subscription Services - We can create and send HTML email "blasts" and newsletters to your subscribers. We can also customize your website to encourage visitors to subscribe to your communications, and we can maintain your subscriber lists to remove bounces and unsubscribes. See our Email Marketing page for additional information.
  • • "Rescuing" Lost Domain Names & Websites - If you have "lost" your domain name, we can navigate the domain name bureaucracy, function as a "detective" and negotiator, first to connect all the dots, and then to get everyone involved to cooperate long enough to "rescue" your domain name. Similarly we can rescue old or lost websites, even if the prior hosting company is unknown or uncooperative. Read more on our Domain Name & Website Rescues page.

We're Believers who provide solutions to Internet-related tasks, problems and challenges; that's who we are and what we do!

Our Goals And Objectives

In our work and in our personal lives, we strive to make our faith and our relationship with God come first - to let nothing become more important. It's a lofty goal, but we're goal oriented, and if you're like us, you know that striving to meet challenging goals makes the journey fun and exciting!

Our business is not about faith or religion, but it is about integrity, honesty and character. Our entire client base, regardless of their personal beliefs, benefits from the fact that we are strong believers - it's the very foundation of our honesty, integrity and commitment to providing excellence to our clients at a fair price.

How May We Help You?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a project or assignment, you may contact us via text or voicemail at (302) 643-2349.